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                                                                                                                      FROM APPEASEMNT TO PUNISHMENT: TREATING


                                       Adal Isaw

                                                       June  12, 2011

As citizens, we have only three choices if and when our government invites us to participate in the economic development of our country.  We can either participate to develop Ethiopia or refrain to do so; or, we have the choice to stand in its way “by any means necessary.”  The third choice is a nonstarter; it is treasonous.  And if you think that I’m stretching my critical view more than what’s warranted, think again. 


The definition of what is treasonous is one of the common elements that give every sovereign nation an eye—the window if you will, to see a distinctly high criminal offense through the same aperture.  This common element is also a frame of reference that sovereign nations use as a rationale, to protect their national interest from ruin by the actions of their treasonous detractors.  Not surprisingly then, to levy war and or assist an enemy at war, and to take any action preparatory thereto against one’s own internationally recognized sovereign country, is what all sovereign nations commonly define as an act of treason.  Keep in mind that this common definition is government/party neutral and has got nothing to do with issues of contentious political disparities.  The succinct point is simply this; you cannot overtly or covertly declare war on your own country in unison with the sworn enemies that your country is actively at war with.   


Juxtaposing the recent activities of the few within the Ethiopian Diaspora with what is treasonous as defined by sovereign nations; one can then easily decipher how disrupting a meeting of great economic importance with a terrorist phone call, whilst standing side-by-side with warring enemies of Ethiopia is treasonous.  This is precisely the kind of act that assists the warring enemies of Ethiopia. 


The short term objective of the terrorist phone call and other destructive activities is very clear; it is to arrest the free flow of ideas and deeds that may benefit Ethiopia’s overall development.  Deductively then, the long term objective of the terrorist phone call and other destructive activities is of course to keep Ethiopia very poor and very weak, since a weak and poor Ethiopia can be bullied at will from afar by its treasonous elements in the Diaspora and  by its abutting terrorist enemies as well. 


One can also see how lobbying financial institutions and legislative bodies of foreign governments may have the same goal as any act of disrupting a meeting of great economic importance.  Both acts are intended to impede and or curtail Ethiopia’s development “by any means necessary.”  Much like the act of disrupting a meeting with a terrorist phone call, the act of lobbying is also intended to impede and or deny the Ethiopian people the resources that may benefit their overall development—making it an in-your-face treasonous act of economic sabotage, done in unison with enemies who’re actively at war with Ethiopia. 


Harassing, warning and threatening to violently end the life of peaceful and pro-development Ethiopians in the Diaspora is also treasonous.  As is, OLF, ONLF and the one-man Eritrean state are carrying out terrorist acts that intermittently claim innocent Ethiopian lives.  With this as a back drop, therefore, to assist these warring enemies of Ethiopia to carry out a threat and or an act of violence against any Ethiopian is a treasonous high crime.  This is the nature of the third choice—the shameless newest treasonous enterprise of the few within the Ethiopian Diaspora, who standing alone away from ONLF, OLF and the one-man Eritrean state are only numbered in the few hundreds.


I’m convinced that this third choice is born in part out of the appeasing policy that our government is implementing to date.  This appeasing policy coupled with the previous forgiving gestures of our government continues to create a sense of impunity in the hearts of the few treasonous elements within the Ethiopian Diaspora.  These treasonous elements will never live to learn and have thus mistaken the nature of the lenient gestures of the Ethiopian government as political weakness of some sort.  It has never occurred to them that the lenient and forgiving gestures, if any, are premised on sound reasons of tolerance, pragmatic politics and the importance of resolving contentious political issues peacefully. 


Tolerance, pragmatic politics and the importance of resolving contentious political issues peacefully are civil and modern political approaches for which the few treasonous elements have neither the faculty nor the room to entertain and adopt.  The bleakest possible picture of Ethiopian politics is what they see and live to create.  Therefore, for these dwellers of the darkest Pandora’s Box ever, it is so inconsequential to their thinking, if they ever impede, disrupt and sabotage the economic development of the Ethiopian people with impunity.   This is what they have done consistently and what they will do, unless our government let the policy of appeasement gives way to punishment.    


To be fair to the Ethiopian government, the appeasing policy that it has been implementing has its roots in our Ethiopian culture, and, my critic for most part comes with a grain of salt for this precise reason.  The fact that we Ethiopians are not culturally bent to press charges every time our kind violates a law that we should all abide by, is basically what has created in part the sense of impunity in the hearts of these few treasonous elements.  As a good friend of mine once observed, our kind will disturb the peace in an Ethiopian restaurant that he or she would never dare to think let alone do in any other restaurant—believing the consequence of disturbing the peace in an Ethiopian restaurant is the kind that can be easily mitigated with few phone calls by our elders.  In addition, the fact that we Ethiopians haven’t yet become as litigating a society as an American, for example, is also whirling a wind of life for these in-your-face treasonous political activities.  Irrespective of these reasons, however, our government should start to investigate and prosecute anyone who is directly or indirectly abetting ONLF, OLF and the one-man Eritrean state—for to ruin and or impede the overall development of Ethiopia in unison with sworn enemies is treasonous. 


These few treasonous elements within the Ethiopian Diaspora are easily identifiable.  Evidence to substantiate their treasonous contempt is in the hands of the Ethiopian government and it is about time to take strong legal measures on those who have clearly crossed the delicate fence that guards Ethiopia’s pivotal national interest.  We the people of Ethiopia and our government should not tolerate these in-your-face “what are you going to do about it?” treasonous acts anymore; justice is overdue and the Ethiopian government should start to treat treason for what is and let appeasement gives way to proportional legal punishment now.