Dozens vote in areas where election suspended

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Sudanese went to the polls on Saturday in constituencies where voting was suspended in April's general election due to logistical problems. Dozens gathered outside a polling station in Khartoum to elect their MP after being unable to vote in April because of problems such as incomplete electoral registers or wrong lists of candidates. The National Election Commission said voting for the national parliament would resume this weekend in 33 constituencies. Polling was expected to last several days. Elections for the state parliament in agricultural Gezira will resume in October, while in South Kordofan they have been set for November.President Omar al-Beshir was returned to power with 68 percent of the vote, and his National Congress Party has already secured 300 seats in the 450-seat parliament. Sudanese voted in April in the country's first multi-party election in 24 years but the poll was marred by logistical problems, accusations of fraud and an opposition boycott. International observers from the United States and the European Union said the election had failed to reach international standards. Source (Yahoo News!)