Rwanda genocide suspect transferred to UN tribunal

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ARUSHA, Tanzania (AFP) – Jean-Bosco Uwinkindi, the Rwandan genocide suspect arrested on Wednesday in Uganda, has been transferred to the UN tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, an official said on Sunday. "He arrived on Friday late in the day. He will appear before a judge very shortly," International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda spokesman Roland Amoussouga told AFP.

Uwinkindi, born in 1951, is a pentecostal pastor. In 2001 he was indicted by the UN-backed ICTR for genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide and extermination as a crime against humanity. Until his arrest in western Uganda on Wednesday, Uwinkindi was among 11 suspects still at large and wanted by the ICTR, based in Tanzania's northern town of Arusha. The US State Department had offered a reward of 5 million dollars for information leading to his arrest. The charge sheet says Uwinkindi was based at the pentecostal church in Kayenzi in Kanzenze commune east of the capital Kigali at the time of the genocide, from April to July 1994. He is accused of having brought militia to kill Tutsis in Kanzenze and of sheltering Tutsi women and children in his church then ordering for them to be kileed. Source ( Yahoo News)