Final week campaign plans

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- heavy weight Ethiopian political parties are stepping up their campaign before the official end of campaigning slated for may 20, 2010 at 6: 00pm.          
The ruling Ethiopian people Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF),  The Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek), the All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) and the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) senior officials have told SSI their campaign plans in the final week.
Mr. Sekoture Getachew, EPRDF’s campaigner and foreign relations head told SSI that the party’s campaign is going well according to plan.
 “we are introducing our candidates to their constituents this process will conti
nue strongly. The other measures we are implementing is using poster, flyers and banners that we will be distributing to different regional states in addition to this we also using T-shirts, pens, watches as well as jackets”,

According to Sekoture based on the public request to field questions to EPRDF chairman, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who will respond to more than 600 questions asked by the public through telephone call ins to the EPRDF office.

”this will be broadcast when the final days approach starting from may 10 on Ethiopia radio and television at the broadcasting authority allocated to campaign to our party. we believe this will make our party outshine others”.

Sekoture also said until now there is no plan by the party to have public demonstrations at the end of the campaign. 

Dr. Negasso Gidada the main opposition coalition Medrek head public relation for his part told SSI “ our top leaders are campaigning in different regional states organizing in groups. our deputy chairman Dr Merera Gudina is now campaigning in Harar, Arsi, Borena and Bale starting from last before. In addition our chairman professor Beyene Petros is campaigning in the southern part of the nation in places like Hadya, kenbata and Gamo gofa. the other group which is lea by Dr. Hailu Araya is campaigning in the northern part of the country like Gondar,Gojam and Mr Gebru Asrat in Tigrai regional states where he is to promote 485 candidates of Merek representative throughout the nation ” According to Negaso Medrek the campaigning of Medrek will continue in different public meeting towns, two meeting in Addis Ababa this weekend in Mr. Temesgen Zewde’s constituency and woreda 18.  “ the other group which will start a camping trip will be led by me and Temesgen and we will be going to the southern part of the nation starting from the coming Tuesday we plan to cover areas like Dawaro, Mizan and Maji“, said Negaso.
Negaso also said that problems are being created in different places where Mederk is campaigning.
“Dr Merera campaigning in Harar, Arsi, Bale and Borena which was planed to cover more than 30 constituencies could only hold only a fraction of the meetings because of different problems”.   

Engineer Hailu Shawel, chairman of AEUP said his party is campaigning in different parts of the nation led by the party senior leadership.
“I had been in Woliata, Arbaminch and other programs in Somali, Hawi zone, eastern gojam, Dessie, gondar may be because of the time problem cancellation of our campaigning in ambo might be possible”.
When asked about the final week of campaign:” I have not started campaigning in many constituencies I will start next week. we made different successful campaigns in Awasa even if local government officials called different meetings. One of the problem we faced is that the government tries to cajole the public to not go to our meetings”. According to Hailu the coming week we the party will have a public meeting in Addis Ababa EEPCO hall around Mexico.     
According to Ethiopian Electoral Board official election the official commencement of election campaigning started in February 9, 2010 and the official winding up of election campaign is set for may 20, 2010. The voting day is may 23 and on June 21 the electoral board will announce the official results.